Niagara Falls from a helicopter

Looking down on a gold mine in Guyana, from a light aircraft

Holocaust Memorial, Miami, USA

Constructed on a site previously owned by Holocaust survivors William and Florrie Loeb and their son Robert, who emigrated to the US to escape persecution; the Holocaust Memorial in Miami is a powerful reminder of the horror that took place before and during WWII.

The memorial opened in 1990 and is a poignant tribute to the six million Jewish victims of Nazi terrorism. Around the monument are more than 100 artistic sculptures culminating with the moving statue of Love and Anguish.

I am not ashamed to admit I cried. I cried for the victims, the unjust and unnecessary suffering, and the sheer evil that allowed this to happen. I also cried for my maternal grandfather, who, although not Jewish himself, was incarcerated in a German Concentration camp and suffered terrible injuries which later contributed to his death. The grandfather I never knew.

Jacmel Carnival, Haiti

Fort-de-France, Martinique

Disclaimer: I did not take this photo!

There is a slightly risqué story attached to this photograph from 1985 in Boothill, Arizona. Visiting with my parents and my husband, we came across a photography studio which offered costumed pictures taken on a genuine antique 1890s plate camera.

We were given a number of different outfits to try on, and the assistant suggested that my husband should be a cowboy and I should dress as a saloon girl. The outfits were wonderful but were the one-size-fits-all variety split up the back with ties across to allow for different girths.

That fact that the dress doesn't quite meet at the back is not what the problem is. My predicament is that I am not wearing any knickers. The skirt is short and the back is rather erm... breezy. The studio is in a shop front with large windows out to the street. The four of us are in fits of giggles as I slide across from the changing room to the area where the camera and props are; all the while attempting to keep my back to the wall to preserve my modesty.

The poor photographer wonders what on earth is going on and we really struggle to keep a straight face for the longish exposure needed on the old-fashioned film.

This picture always makes me smile, and is the favourite photograph I have of the four of us. Happy memories ♥

Sea trek in Jamaica. Fitted with a diving bell attached to an air-line, we walked on the ocean floor with the fishes and other sea creatures.

Disclaimer - I did not take this photo.  

Staying in a very basic little eco lodge on the San Juan river near Bartolo in Nicaragua, we went out for an evening boat ride to look for caiman.

When they said “look for caiman”, I didn't expect the guide to lean headlong into the water, immersing his torso completely and coming back up again with a rather large animal in his hands.

After we'd taken our photos, the caiman became rather heavy, so two of them held it horizontally instead. It was very compliant.

Just as our friend said “I can't believe how docile it is...”, the caiman made a dramatic break for freedom, wriggling out of the strong arms holding it, and as it ran across my feet I have to admit I screamed rather loudly.

David meanwhile, was cool as a cucumber, almost oblivious, as he caught it all on video camera.

As we were getting ready to take off from the airstrip at Orinduik Falls in Guyana, the pilot cursed when he realised he'd have to stop on the way to Baganara to refuel. He'd been assured that fuel was available at Orinduik before he left the hangar this morning. The jungles of Guyana are not known for their abundance of airstrips with aviation fuel, so it meant taking quite a detour.

When we landed in what seemed to be the middle of nowhere, the one and only attendant at the airstrip was unwilling to assist, so the now very pissed off pilot had to refuel the plane himself.

Not something I have seen before or since!

On a domestic flight between Port au Prince and Cap-Haïtien in 2016, I cheekily ask the pilot of our small 20-seater plane if he can divert slightly so that I can take some photos of the famous fortress from the air. He promises to try.

And he sure does.

After some 15 minutes or so, the captain announces that we are just about to fly over the fortress, and beckons me into the cockpit for a better view just as the imposing Citadelle la Fèrriere comes into view; perched spectacularly atop a craggy peak. As we pass the fortress, the pilot dips his wing so that everybody gets to see the citadelle, regardless of where they are sitting.

What a star!

Jamaica 2004

Driving down yet another dirt track seemingly leading nowhere, we are about to give up and start looking for somewhere to turn the car around. Then we see the small faded sign: Rocklands Bird Sanctuary. We've arrived!

The guy who greets us explains that the feeding station was originally run by a lady called Lisa Salmon, who initially fed the birds deep in the woods, and gradually moved the feeders nearer and nearer her home. Eventually she encouraged a number of species to visit her rustic cottage to feed on specially constructed feeding stations. Lisa died in 2000, but thankfully her nephew has taken it over since her death.

We plonk ourselves on a bench leaning against the house, and are given a small bottle of sugar water each, with instructions on how to hold it and position our other hand next to the bottle.

Within minutes we have our first customer: a Red Billed Streamertail. Initially he just hovers, then rests his little feet on my finger and closes his wings. He is so gentle and light and I am so delighted and overwhelmed at this exciting experience that I struggle to keep quiet and still!

Throughout the morning we see a plethora of different birds, many of which will land on our fingers while others flit about the trees and visit various bird feeders.

What an amazing place! ♥

Russell Glacier, Greenland

During our walk from the car park to the glacier, I somehow stepped slightly wrong, and ended up with one foot in deep snow, followed by rolling down the hill - much to everyone's amusement. 

Painted buses in Port au Prince, Haiti

Sally Lightfoot Crab, Galapagos Island

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