Similar in size to Northern Ireland or Death Valley National Park, Serengeti means Endless Plains in the local Maa language. The park has a range of different habitats, making it a haven for wildlife enthusiasts. 

We have visited the park in 2007, 2011, 2014, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2020 at various times of the year (February, May, July, September, November)

Below is a selection of some of my favourite images. 

Two of three old brothers who'd been kicked out of their prides as younger males moved in. 

A baby elephant with its mother

Look at that love between mummy baboon and her offspring! 

Leopards are usually the hardest of the big cats to spot, but we have been lucky enough to see at least one on every single one of our visits. 

Grey Backed Fiscal Shrike

Grant's Gazelle

This young cheetah was calling out for her mum, who was almost completely hidden in the long grass. 

Immature Steppe Eagle

Nile Crocodile basking in the late afternoon sun

A young Egyptian Goose

A band of banded mongoose

A couple of rock Hyraxes relaxing on a picnic table at the Serengeti Visitors Centre


Red-Necked Spurfowl engaging in some courtship ritual.

Common Kestrel

Two-Banded Courser

Nile Crocodile



Warthogs at Retima Hippo Pool

Impala with a young baby

Von der Decken's Hornbill, Tumbili Picnic Site

Hippo at Retima Hippo Pool

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