The Westcountry Wildlife Photography Centre is a unique facility, home to a splendid collection of native British species in naturally landscaped enclosures offering an unparalleled opportunity to film or photograph a broad range of wildlife subjects with relative ease. 

I'd booked a private day for just me and my friend Freddy from the USA, and it was well worth it. Having recently torn a ligament in my knee, Lavinia was good enough to drive me around in her little vehicle. 

While you can choose which of their species to photograph, it does also depend on which animals co-operate on the day. 
These animals are curious and friendly, and will come right up to you while you are in their enclosure - sometimes too close to photograph! 
Pine Marten
These took a bit of persuasion to come out, but finally, they did show their faces. 
Scottish Wildcat
Long Eared Owl

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