We are life members of our local zoo, but this is the first time we have visited since before the pandemic. While I would much prefer to see birds and animals in the wild, I do think zoos have a part to play, with conservation work and education. Hopefully, seeing these beautiful animals in real life rather than on TV or in films will encourage people to care for our wild critters. 

Asiatic Lions

Inca Tern

African Penguin - these flightless birds are so ungainly on land: look at the small boulders he had to climb over to get to the sea. You have to admit the stones create such great camouflage for him though!

South American Fur Seal

Utila Spiny Tailed Iguana

Cuban Boa

Eider Duck

Red Panda

Giant Tortoise

Mr & Mrs Mallard

Round-Nosed Plated Lizard

White-Faced Whistling Duck

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