Giraffe, Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

The National Museum of Qatar in Doha was inspired by the crystal formation known as a desert rose.

Clevedon Pier, UK

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Flying Scotsman at Nailsea and Backwell Station, UK

Bicycles at Culross, Scotland

Zebra amongst the wildebeest migration, Ndutu, Tanzania

Ladyboy in Bangkok

My dad

Called 'East-West / West-East', this art installation in the Qatari Desert spans a distance of one kilometre and consists of four perfectly aligned metal plates, some 14 metres in height.

Elephants, Serengeti National park, Tanzania

In the dark and dingy saloon, the gambler loses it all. My Long Suffering Husband posing for one of my projects.

There is always light at the end of the tunnel.  Salome climbs the stairs out of the cave complex at Vardzia, Georgia

Watching, always watching. Newton looking for birds in Tobago

Elephant, Tarangire National park, Tanzania

St Barnard de Clairvaux Church, Miami, US

Stephanie, the Art Nude model

Zebra and foal, Tanzania

Dungeness Lighthouse, England

Badjanani Mosque Comoros

Rock formations at Al Ula, Saudi Arabia

Little Owl

Wildebeest at Kogatende, Tanzania

Hadzabe man smoking a pipe  near Lake Eyasi, Tanzania

Weston Super Mare on a cold windswept winter's day

Cormier Plage, Haiti

Trudging through the snow, Gloucestershire, UK

Storm Ophelia at Portleven

Flooding in Somerset 2012


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