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Photography has always interested me as far back as I can remember. When I was about ten years old, my dad gave me an old camera which no longer worked so that I could take it apart and see how it should work. Not long afterwards, I was given a Kodak Instamatic pocket camera and when she thought I was ready, some three years or so later, my mum gave me her camera to use: a Kodak 66 and a Weston light meter.
From there on I worked my way through various range finders and SLRs through Pentax MX to a Canon 5 (prior to digital). Then in 1996 I had a neck injury and could no longer carry heavy equipment. It broke my heart to sell it all and get a small pocket zoom camera. Fast forward to 2004 and digital. I went through a few bridge cameras and a Micro 4/3 before settling on Canon again. I now use a 5DIII, 5DIV,  and a couple of R5 mirrorless cameras with an ever-growing range of lenses. My favourites, and most used lenses, are the 100-400mm and the 24-105mm f/4. I still suffer some problems with my neck, but an across-the-back shoulder harness assists tremendously, but the biggest help is my wonderful other half, who can often be seen carrying my equipment. 
I hate being pigeonholed and stale, so I refuse to 'specialise' in one particular genre of photography. I have tried most types at some stage or another: portrait, wedding, glamour, nude, sports & action, street, landscape, events, abstract, wildlife, aerial, travel, macro, documentary, still life, infrared and much more. Apart from the genres with their own albums, you can see some of the stuff I have done under the 'Creative' tab.

Just hanging around over the Devon countryside

If I had to choose just one genre to focus on, I guess it would have to be wildlife. Our favourite bird and animal spotting is on safari with Calabash Adventures in Tanzania. Not my photo. 

Driving a tank 

Even when in the pool I can be seen sporting a camera, such as here in The Gambia

Photographing the birds in the garden

Gaining my PADI certificate 

As I said in my bio, I am passionate about travel, and have been extremely lucky to have been able to indulge myself over the years, with travel to 141 countries on all seven continents. In addition to this website, I have also been blogging about my travels for the last ten years, which you can see here

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