Having visited this hide some three years ago, when it was run by somebody else, I was absolutely amazed at the improvements Sharon has made to this place. Check out their website - it is well worth a visit! I shall most certainly be back!
We had fourteen visits from at least three different birds in the six hours we were there, with 23 dives between them. If it wasn't for the approaching storm, we would have stayed until dusk! 
The strong winds were creating havoc with the kingfisher's coiffure. 
Sometimes the birds would announce themselves with their familiar chirp, other times they sat on a branch on the other side of the river. They were often very quick in and out, not hanging around for very long before they dived into the water to collect a fish. 
Sometimes they'd land back on the stick and shake the fish to death, slamming it against the branch. 

Other times they'd just fly off with it as soon as they came out of the water.
I cannot understand how a small bird like this can swallow such a (comparatively) large fish in one go! 
We had at least three different individuals visit (I identified two different females), maybe more. A couple of times both sexes arrived together, making a LOT of noise! 
There was also a cute little robin hopping about, exploring the area around the hide. 

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