Here is a general selection of wildlife images I have taken over the years. You can see more of my later stuff under the Wildlife heading at the top. Alternatively, some of the images contain links to albums with a greater selection of pictures from that particular shoot.  I am also working on a collection of albums featuring some of the many places we have visited on safaris over the years. 

Reticulated Giraffes, Samburu National Park, Kenya

Polar Bear in Svalbard

 You can read more about our trip here

Raven at Tom Robinson's Dyke Hide. More pictures here.

The white horses of Camargue - see more images here

A puffin lands with a number of eels in his mouth. More images from Farne Island here. 

Check out my images from this session where I was shooting with flash and slow shutter speed. 

A curious badger greets me at Westcountry Wildlife Centre. See more of my pictures from WWC here. 

A kite gets bullied by a buzzard at Wiltshire Raptor Hide. You can see more images from that shoot here

Red Kite at Gigrin Farm. See more pictures here. 

The exact moment a kingfisher breaks the surface of the water. See more images from the pond hide here

A shag takes off from the water near Bass Rock, UK. You can see more from this incredible boat trip here.

Polar Bear, Svalbard

You can read more about that trip here.

A successful catch by this kingfisher in Worcestershire, UK. You can see more images from Brine Pit Hide here. 

Asiatic lions at Bristol Zoo

Badgers at  Woodland Reflections Hide in New Forest, UK. You can see more photos from my experience at the hide here. 

Osprey fishing at a trout farm - you can see more images here. 

A kingfisher grabbing a quick breakfast. More pictures from Tom's Pond Hide can be found here. 

Gannet at Bass Rock, UK. More photos here. 

Heron at Tom Robinson's Wildlife Hides. See more photos from that visit here

Blue Tit and Nuthatch at Woodlands Reflections Hide in New Forest. See more images here. 

Dolphins in Scarborough Harbour UK

Tawny Owl in the Bluebells at the British Wildlife Centre. More photos here.

Polar Bear, Svalbard

You can read more about this trip here.

Exmoor Pony, UK

Kingfisher in Leicestershire - you can see more photos from this shoot here. 

Fox, near Oxford, UK

Badger in Dorset, UK (see more images here)

Lion with zebra kill, Lobo, Tanzania

You can see more images from Lobo here. 

Walrus, Svalbard

You can see more images from Svalbard here. 

Anhinga, Everglades, Florida, USA

Red Fox at the British Wildlife Centre. More photos here. 

Wildebeest, Kogatende, Tanzania

Kingfisher Diving in the Dark at Tom Robinson's Wildlife Hides. Check out his workshops here.  You can see more images from my visit on this page. 

Green Anole, Jarabacoa, Dominican Republic

Field Mouse, Gloucestershire, UK

Lesser Flamingo, Big Momella Lake, Tanzania

Cheetah, Zoo Miami, USA

Red Squirrel, Yorkshire, UK

Lion, Ndutu, Tanzania.

Bengal Tiger, Khana National Park, India

See more images from Khana here

Camels crossing the Arabian Desert, UAE

Puffin, Staple Island, UK

See more images from Farne Islands here. 

Cheetah on the prowl, Ndutu, Tanzania

Marine Iguanas, Española Island, Galapagos, Eduador

European Brown Bear, Finland

Siberian Tigers, near Harbin, China

Zebras fighting, Lobo, Tanzania

Puffin, Farne Island, UK

Puffin, Farne Island, UK

Mute Swan at Stratford on Avon, UK

Polar Bear, Svalbard

You can read more about this trip here.

Green Iguana, Stratford on Avon Butterfly Farm, UK

Weavers (Black Necked and Village) at Tanji Bird Reserve, The Gambia. You can see more bird pictures from The Gambia here.  

Leopard, Lobo, Tanzania

Red Deer rutting, Bushy Park, UK

Magpie with rat, North Somerset, UK

Four lions take down a giraffe at Ndutu, Tanzania

European Grey Wolf, Wolf Conservation Project, UK

Hippo, Serengeti, Tanzania

Bearded Seal, Svalbard

You can see more pictures from this trip here.

Racoons, Miami, USA

Wildebeest crossing the Mara River, Tanzania

Red Kite, Wales

See more images from the Red Kite Farm here. 

Brown Booby, St Lucia

A tender moment, Serengeti, Tanzania

Monarch, Wye Valley Butterflies, UK

Little Bee Eater, Tanzania

Kingfisher diving, Gloucestershire 

Southern Ground Hornbill with Lizard, Ndutu, Tanzania

North American Manatee, Florida, USA

Nilgai, Pench National Park, India

Blue Headed Agama Lizard, Ndutu, Tanzania

Leopard with prey, Serengeti, Tanzania

Yellow Jacket, North Somerset, England

Female cheetah chasing a Thomson's Gazelle in Ndutu, Tanzania. She caught up with the gazelle, and was joined by her sub-adult cubs who helped to bring it down. 

Kingfisher diving, Somerset, UK. See more images from Somerset Wildlife Hides here

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