On a small table in front of a black background I set up a bowl of strawberries with a tray underneath to catch the falling sugar. Next to it I placed a box (one that I use to store some of my camera accessories in) on top of a book (for correct height). On top of that was a spoon, held in place by a small clamp. Once I put the strawberry on the spoon, however, it became too heavy for the clamp and toppled over, so I had to tape them both in place. Lastly I stuck a cocktail umbrella in the strawberry.

I put my camera on a tripod, my flash gun on another tripod at a 45° angle to the strawberries, and a reflector opposite it (taped to a dining chair).

I then got my beautiful assistant (my ever-helpful husband) to pour sugar out of a jug. The timing was critical – too much sugar and I ended up with a 'white-out', too little and the photo lacked interest.

In post-processing I cropped the picture to remove the bowl of strawberries (I felt the picture had more impact without it) and adjusted the levels.

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