Photoshop is not a dirty word. 

To me, the image is not fully dressed until it has been through the digital darkroom. Photoshop can also be used to create digital art, or to forge a combination of the two. 

Here are some examples.  

The photography style known by the name of the photographer who made this technique famous - Pep Ventosa. You can see the st up of this image here.

Some days all you want to do is snuggle up with a good book. 

Trying the Adamski Effect - using a technique in Photoshop that creates a path blur, I quickly became hooked on these images. You can see more of them here, plus a link to the tutorial I used to create them. 

David almost gets blown away during Storm Eunice 

Time stack of a kingfisher diving

My first attempt at the Thanos Effect

To get this image I half filled a fish tank with water and had the LSH create waves by dragging a chopping board from one side to the other.

The light bulb was placed on a white perspex to create the reflections. Both images were photographed against a white background which was lit by two flash guns. There was also another speedlight with a large diffuser over my right shoulder.

Then started the hard work to combine them in Photoshop, adding a blue colour to the waves, making sure I got the right shadows, highlights and reflections on the bulb, and cloning out the hundreds of stray bubbles!

"Is it really only Wednesday?"

The sad thing about getting older is that no-one knows you are still young on the inside.

I love to see the world through his eyes. 

Applerexia - the struggle is real

Time stack

Book your escape today...

Spherical panorama of seagulls on a wall at sunset 

Inverted image

In a galaxy far away

Taking my "Anyone for Tennis" photo (you can see the making of that image under Blog), I added a background of a Milky Way photo which was captured in Marsabit in Kenya, and replaced the tennis ball with a globe. 

Look mum, I can fly

Levitation photography. 

Created by taking two images - one with Francesca resting atop a stepladder,  and one with just the background without Francesca in it; then combine the two in Photoshop. 

Race for life - AKA the egg and spoon race. 


A style known as Out of Bounds where the characters of the image are seen to be emerging from a frame within the picture. 

Creating a tilt-shift effect with Photoshop

Using Topaz Studio for textures and filters.

I love fruit

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